•  Main material : copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, 925 silver, K Jin, fiber, etc..

     Fittings : multi type crystal, precious stones, shell, glass, silk, leather, imitation agate, pearl raw materials etc..

     According to the purpose of electroplating, plating can be divided into two types of protective electroplating and decorative electroplating. 

     Protective plating is mainly to prevent metal corrosion, usually use galvanized,  rhodium plating,  tin plating  etc.. 

     Decorative electroplating is mainly for the purpose of decoration :   white steel, Rhodium Plated Platinum,  black,  gold, 18K gold,  rose gold etc.. there will be a certain protection. 

     Some of the products must be used vacuum plating :  IPG (gold) ,  Black IP,  IP gun,  IP chromium (silver),  IPS (the original steel color),  tin (titanium),  ZrN Gao Jin,  blue IP,  IP coffee,  IP rose,  CrN (gray),  These will also affect the price.

    We are about to launch a product rating standard, to help you to order more easily.