Customers can submit their desire logo for making cufflinks, tie clips, brooch, badge.

    New products must be produced with new mould. Minimum mold cost is $35 each mould. Common styles of production time in 15 to 25 working days.

    Ordering quantity is more than 10000 pairs for one order , can get at least 10% discount for this order.

    Detail as follow :

     copperstainless steelalloysilvergold
    MOQ (PRS/PCS)50 to 150100 to 30050 to 150200 to 500200 to 500
    Mould Cost (USD)35$ to 150$50$ to 150$35$ to 150$> 150$> 200$
    Mould/Sample Time (DAY)7 to 1012 to 187 to 1010 to 2515 to 25
    Production Time (DAY)15 to 3515 to 3515 to 3515 to 3515 to 35

    (table 1-1)


    Customers provide the products requirement. 

    Production quantity, Material, Size, Parts, Crating, Electroplate and Products Feature. It is better to provide drawings.

    After the audit, we will provide the design sketches and production time as well as the finished product quotation.

    Customers can make changes or suggestions. Until be confirmed customization.

    Customer payment mold fee. We will provide 1-2 photos when mould production is completed,  and waiting for customer confirmation. Production time reference [table 1-1].

    Customers audit the sample, can also be required to modify or directly confirm.

    Pay 50% of the total amount and we will arrange to start the production.

    Pay the balance amount when the production is completed, and then we will arrange for item shipment.


    Customized products are about 98% of the quality assurance rate.

    When the customer requests to make any changes regarding the preparation of samples, the customer must pay again the mold fee for the production of a new mold.

    The production of special products and the mould cost are different. Reference [table 1-1].

    Gift box customization is completely different from metal products.

    For silver and gold products. According to the international gold and silver real-time quotes to provide quotes.

    We can provide hand drawn design, electronic design, etc.. Please contact the prices of these special services.