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    [table 1-1]

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    When making factory orders,Please click on the "stock" or "order" corresponding to the submit button. Different styles products need different MOQ, please refer to [table 1-2].

    All factory production orders need 7 - 50 days of production time, Majority of the items need 20 - 25 days of production.

    In the production process there will be some force majeure factors based on years of experience, such as: the main line power outage, machine failure, etc., resulting in production time is delayed 1 - 3 days. We have been trying to solve these problems. If your order is affected by this, we will immediately update your production progress and send it to you.

    IDProduction TimeMOQ(PRS/PCS)Metal MaterialsMetal PlatingStone MaterialsRating
    #61*15 - 23 days30CopperRhodium platinumCzech  or Swarovski Crystal4.5
    #62*55 - 65 days200304L Stainless SteelNo platingArtificial Zircon4.0
    #63*16 - 23 days30CopperRhodium platinumCzech Crystal4.0
    #64*15 - 35 days50CopperRhodium platinumSwarovski Crystal5.0
    #65*16 - 23 days30CopperCopper TinCzech Crystal5.0
    #66*25 - 45 days50CopperCopper TinCzech Crystal4.5
    #67*16 - 23 days30CopperCopper TinCzech or Swarovski Crystal4.5
    #68*60 - 85 days200Copper

    Rhodium platinum

    18K gold

    Swarovski Crystal5.0
    #69*35 - 55 days50CopperRhodium platinumArtificial Zircon4.0
    #71*35 - 45 days50CopperRhodium platinumSwarovski Crystal5.0
    #79*25 - 35 days30CopperRhodium platinumCzech or Swarovski Crystal4.0

    [table 1-2]

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