• What methods of payment are accepted? 

    We currently accept PayPal as a methodof payment. We are working towards accepting payment methods in the future.Please check with us soon for any further updates. We apologize for anyinconvenience caused. 

    How to pay for my orders via PayPal ? 

    Once you have submitted yourorder, When your order is audited and you will be taken directly to the PayPal website where you can sign in and make a payment for your order through PayPal. Please noteyou have a 72-hours window where you must complete this process.Alternatively, you can also navigate to My Center > My Orders, click on your order and make your payment. 

    Instructions for payment on CheckoutPage 

    If you pay with PayPal 

    Step 1: Choose Payment Method– PayPal. 


    Step 2: Click Pay with My PayPal accountand Enter your PayPal account information to complete payment.


    If you pay with Credit or DebitCard (VISA, MasterCard) 

    Step 1: Choose Payment Method -Credit or Debit Card. 


    Step 2: Click Pay with a debit or creditcard and enter your card information to complete payment.


    How do I know my payment has beensuccessful?

    Once you have paid for your order through PayPal, a notification email will be sent to confirm your successful payment. 

    Why is payment failed sometimes?

    Maybe part of your shipping informationis wrong. You need enter right shipping information to avoid some delivery problems. 

    City,Country/Region,State/Province, Post Code/Zip , accordingly 

    Country/Region,State/Province information must be of the options in the list. 

    All the information must NOT beab deviation.

    How do I use a coupon?

    If you have a coupon code, you are ableto use it when completing your order. Once you have entered your coupon code, click ‘Check’ to validate the code you have entered is correct. The coupon discount amount should be applied to your order once validated in our system. Please note: you may only use one coupon per order.